From now we are able to offer ceramic balls polishing service.

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First Aid Wheel Repair!

Repair your buckled and pothole damaged alloy wheel with us, we offer WHILE YOU WAIT service for alloy wheel straightening, welding and safety checks. Call us now to book an appointment to stop your car and steering wheel from vibrations due to bent wheel and improper balance.

Expert Wheel Repair and Wheel Refurbishment

Over the past decade alloy wheels have become the must have fashion accessory on any modern car. Alloy wheels add extra definition to a car’s wheels and really make a car stand out amongst the rest. But what happens if you damage the alloys on your car? Don’t worry we can help! We offer a fantastic, expert wheel repair and wheel refurbishment service in London.


It is easy to damage your alloys and we understand that some wheels are cheap to replace, but some are very rare or extremely expensive to replace. This is why alloy wheel refurbishment is the best option. Whether you are looking to add value to your vehicle, change the appearance or just want to repair accidental damage, alloy wheel refurbishing is the cost effective way to improve the look and safety of your vehicle.

wheel refurbishment