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All about alloy wheels - an infographic


Alloy wheels are a cool addition to any vehicle. While they can be expensive depending on the type of alloy you choose, they will certainly add to the resale value of the vehicle so therefore in the long run, they are a great idea and as a bonus, they look great too!

There are many different types of alloy wheels available to purchase. The important thing to remember is to choose from a reputable supplier that you can trust. Unqualified operators do sometimes work in this industry so it is vital to ensure your alloy wheel provider is well qualified and experienced.

This infographic covers the topic of all things Alloy Wheels. It is a comprehensive infographic that shows the benefits of adding alloy wheels to your vehicle, signs that there is something wrong with your alloys, tips for caring for your alloys and also possible repairs for alloy wheels.

We've also created a short video, which can be found at the bottom of this page. t neatly and succinctly summarizes the main points worth knowing about alloy wheels, such as how to select the correct wheel size, how to fit alloys, and how to avoid damaging your alloys.


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