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How to Change a Tyre: The Do’s & Don’ts of Tyre Changing


 Almost every motorist will encounter a flat tyre at some stage, so when this unfortunate and frustrating event occurs, it’s well worth knowing how to change a tyre so that you can get back on the road swiftly. Tyre changing is not an especially difficult activity, but if it’s done improperly, it could end up doing more harm than good. For instance, your wheels could become damaged and require urgent repair.

That’s why it’s important to know exactly how you should perform the change if you find yourself in a situation where it’s required. Our infographic highlights the major do’s and don’ts of changing a tyre so that you’ll know what to do (and, just as crucially, what not to do) if and when this scenario arises.

View our infographic below for tips on how to change a tyre

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