Frequently Asked Questions

How do you refurbish the wheels?
It's a ten stage process that involves: removing the tyres, cleaning, stripping, blasting, inspection, straightening, preparation, painting, tyre fitting and balancing and fitting to the car. For a full explanation check out

What if I can't find my wheels for an Exchange in your shop?
Either we can refurbish your existing wheels with your car on site or we can fit spare wheels while yours are refurbished.

What do you mean by Exchange?
We offer refurbished alloy wheels on a like for like basis, which means you have to give us back your old ones the same you want from us but our are fully refurbished.
You are not buying wheels outright or upgrading your small wheels to bigger ones… you are simply exchanging your wheels for a refurbished set which are the same.

Can I exchange different wheels?
No, it's like-for-like only, unless otherwise stated.

Do you send the refurbished wheels to me first and than I send my old wheels back?
No, you need to come to our depot in North London. In future we plan to run a collection service.

Does the purchase price include fitting?
Yes, and we don't chip rims either.

What if I want to bring only my wheels without the car?
No problem, we will need to inspect the rims before agreeing to exchange them.

I want to buy the wheels outright without exchange?

Sorry this service is like-for-like exchange only, unless otherwise stated.  

I've damaged a wheel and only want to buy or exchange one? I want to buy one wheel as a spare? Can I buy just one?
Subject to availability, please contact us. Best is to send email with the picture at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I've damaged one or more wheels, can I still exchange?
If you have a picture of the damage wheel you can email it to us, don't forget to include your phone number so we can deal with your query promptly.

My wheels are kerb scraped, can I still exchange?
Yes corrosion and scrapes are acceptable for exchange, however splits, bits missing, buckled or warped wheels are not, phone us to discust the other options.

I need tyres as well as wheels can you supply a wheel and tyre package?
Yes we can, phone us for prices on tyres, make sure you have the tyre sizes and tyre brand required to hand.