Alloygator Rim Protectors Supply and Fitting

First Aid Wheels is proud to be an official certified fitting partner of Alloygator UK. This clever but simple product will protect your wheels from kerb damage. Stylish and durable, they fit 13-24 inch wheels and are available in 15 different colours, including glow in the dark.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are Alloygators?

Alloygators are the first line of defense between the outer rim of your wheel and a kerb, they’re designed to protect against low speed impact such as parking or driving through a narrow width restriction.

How much do they cost?

If you would like us to fit them professionally for you while you wait, it costs £140 (excl VAT), the fitting time can take up to 90 minutes. All fittings are strictly carried out on an appointment basis, please call us on 020 7435 0941 in advance to arrange a suitable date and time.

Can they be fitted on run-flat tyres?

Yes they can, we have fitted numerous sets without any problems.

Can Alloygator rim protectors be used on machine polished / diamond cut alloy wheels?

The “AlloyGator” alloy wheel rim protectors are not recommended for machine polished or diamond cut alloy wheels. Although fitting the product will provide superior protection against kerb damage, due to existing imperfections in the lacquered wheel surface our product may increase the risk of moisture retention and accelerate wheel degradation. Providing there is no minute damage to the wheel surface, fitting the “AlloyGator” wheel rim protectors will not cause damage on its own, however, AlloyGator Limited or Elite Car Care Online Limited (supplier) and First Aid Wheels (fitter) accepts no liability if the product when fitted causes such damage. Taking the above into account, we do still have many customers with machine polished wheels, that choose to use alloygators to protect their wheels.

Superior Exclusive Protection

AlloyGators are made in the UK and made of super tough nylon that offers amazing protection against kerb damage they are also flexible, but tough enough to give superior protection. AlloyGators are designed and manufactured here in the UK so it’s a 100% British Product.

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