Tyre Re-sizing Guide

What alternative wheel/tyre sizes can I fit?

If you are looking to fit some lower profile tyres on your vehicle it is worth doing the research.

Changing the wheel/tyre size can affect your speed. If you fit tyres larger than the original equipment you will end up driving faster than the speedo says. Conversely smaller wheels/tyres and you will end up reducing the speed of your car. Either of these situations can also put an unwanted strain on the engine.

We have done the maths and put together this little online app which tells you what alternative tyres you could fit to your car while still maintaining the overall diameter of the wheel within about 5% so that your speed is not affected.

How it works

Select your current tyres from the drop down list and hit the “Show Me The Rubber" button.

What you will get is a list of tyres. Depending on the data, some will be lower profile and some will be higher profile. Anything in this list should be possible to fit to your vehicle.

Width          Profile          Size