Wheel Finishes: Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

FA Wheels Diamond Cutting Service

Although most of our wheels are powder coated, a diamond cut finish is often needed when the manufacturer’s original wheel has a diamond cut finish.

First Aid Wheels is one of the UK’s leading alloy wheel diamond cutting centres. Diamond cutting is a very precise process and takes longer to reproduce than a powder coating refurbishment. CAUTION: you cannot do a diamond cut refurbishment as part of a mobile or touch-up service, the wheel has to go on a specialist lathe.

Diamond cut wheels look amazing but they are especially prone to alloy corrosion because lacquer is too difficult to apply to bare alloy. That is why it only takes a few stone chips and a bit of water to get in for corrosion spots to occur on diamond cut wheels

When we refurbish a diamond cut wheel we first strip and powder coat the whole wheel before then cutting back the diamond cut surface with the lathe.

We have one of the biggest alloy wheel diamond cutting facilities in the UK and often sub-contract for other alloy wheel refurbishment centres. WE operate custom lathes and programming to get great results. Not everyone is able to do diamond cutting well, even if they have the right equipment.

Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting FAQs

What is a diamond cut wheel?

A diamond cut wheel is one that has been first painted and then, after painting or powder coating the outer face of the wheel is cut back on a lathe. The wheel is then lacquered to produce the overall effect. Diamond cut wheels typically have a gloss alloy face with contrasting dark wheel body.

Generally, wheels come diamond cut. Sometimes it is possible to put a diamond cut finish onto a non-diamond wheel but not always. Call us if you want advice on this. Generally we only diamond cut existing diamond cut wheels.

How long does a diamond cut finish last?

Diamond cut wheels generally do not retain their finish for as long as a powder coated wheel. Any damage to the lacquer however small can allow water ingress which discolours the lacquer.

How many times can you re-cut/refurbish a diamond cut wheel?

Usually one or two cuts at most. More than that and you can start to weaken the wheel. Also the wheel needs to be perfect and not buckled. That is why we generally recommend a full refurbishment for a diamond cut wheel.