Why choose us?


We recognise that while you can put your car through an automated wash, use sophisticated polishes to keep the bodywork gleaming, wheels, especially alloy wheels take a lot of punishment.

There is only one winner when you scrape your alloys against a kerb. Dust from brake pads mixed with a cocktail of water and oil as you drive along, creates a face-pack you often cannot completely clean off. So, the car you take pride in looks less than.

Elsewhere we tell you what we do to redress that. There’s also a Question and Answer section for your questions about Alloy Wheels Exchange and how we work.

But, who are we? In 2001 we recognised that as car design became ever more sophisticated, there was a desire to have alloy wheels that complemented this. So, we offered drivers a customising service to reflect the personality of their car.

Drivers recognised what we offered was special. It was also highly cost effective compared to buying a new, off-the-shelf set of five wheels. Over a decade we continued to invest in the most up-to-date machining and profiling technology. Paint systems that enabled us to match the manufacturer’s original finish.

Be advised not all companies offer the level of skill and service that we do. We take no short cuts. Quality is our mantra. We go the extra mile and are confident in guaranteeing our work. Our customers tell us how pleased they are. We feel confident that when you exchange your alloy wheels with us you will also be more than pleased.