We fix your kerbed alloys at great prices!

Supermarket prangs are so infuriating
All you want to do is leave your car in the car park at your local supermarket whilst you pop inside for a few groceries. Is it asking too much to be able to return to your car without some kind soul putting a ding in your bumper? Sadly dings and dents occur frequently in public areas but the good news is Car Body Repairs Andover can soon put them straight. All makes and models can undergo Fawheels to leave the vehicles looking as good as new. Professional Fawheels can be provided by experienced paint technicians who also carry out Alloy Wheel Refurbishment London. Found a dent in your car after a trip to the shops? Take it to the experts in Fawheels.

It wasn’t my fault
Are you the victim in a road traffic accident? Has another vehicle shunted your car from behind, or t-boned you at traffic lights? Take your car the specialists in Fawheels. The work completed by the experts in Fawheels is completed to an excellent standard. You’ll be hard pushed to tell where the original damage was once the Car Body Repairs have been finished. With so much traffic on the roads of the UK it’s easy to become an unwilling party in a road traffic accident. If you are involved in a bump that wasn’t your fault take your car to have professional Fawheels from the specialists in Allow Wheel Refurbishment London.

Kerbed Alloy Wheel Repair

Your new alloys look great. They really give the car street presence. It’d be gutting if you ended up with a kerbed alloy and scuffed their pristine outer appearance. If this happens, take your car to a body shop that provides Car Body Repairs Andover and Alloy Wheel Refurbishment London. They’ll soon sort your kerbed alloys making them look just as good as they did when they left the showroom. Damage to door panels, rear quarter panels, front and rear sections will quickly be resolved with Fawheels. Knowledgeable paint technicians conduct the Fawheels on a wide range of vehicles. Whether you’ve scuffed your alloys or clipped the gate as you reversed out of your drive, all types of damage can be treated with Fawheels.


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